Every. Where – did it start?
Insomnia is kicking through all the worries.
I am constantly thinking about my friends in the struggling country’s. Because someone is playing a game. Because someone created a team of civilians, people who never wanted to volunteer but became part of it overnight. When one action lead to another. One action lead to another beating of an innocent human being. It’s a battlefield. I followed the games through the news. Games of hunger. Games of weapons, blood, killing. I watched all the pain popping up on my screen. One after another. Action after action. Until I suddenly ended up removing the screen. Just by actually visiting a place where the struggle never ended. I made friends. Some of them became family. Brothers, sisters. Hospitality and kindness on a level I didn’t experience before. It continues in front of my eyes. Action after action until another innocent nature got executed. Bang – checkmate! Not a stranger on the screen anymore. I am back home watching the happenings. Back home in safety. So many privileges – some got so used to them, they are not even able to appreciate it anymore. Real empathy evolved. Action after action. I. AM. SCARED. Got even more sensitive for all the happenings of injustice and I feel helpless. Because I see all the resistance but in the end it’s still the game and I scream for Palestine, Gaza, Syria, Yemen and all the other places full of beautiful kind human beings. Families, children, sisters, brothers. Action after action my screams end up against a wall and the only thing that’s left are my words. Words of hope. Words of resistance. I am so angry. They say it’s a bad thing but I believe if there is oppression, injustice, hunger, occupation, blood, guns – anger can be used as a source of power. Such as love and I am angry for the people I love so much. Action after action. I scratch up all my love, empathy and tears. I carry the stories in my heart and continue to scream. Because in the end it’s all l can do. It’s all I have. Action after action. My words. Words of anger, words of love. They are going to resist to exist until the very end of the game. One day. Checkmate!


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